I have a simple pricing structure. I charge $70 p/hour for my services.

I’ve listed below some common  items below and the amount of time it usually takes to do it. This will help you determine what to budget for this work.

Adwords Audit – 25-30 hours

Create & Implement Local PPC campaigns – 16-24 hours
Create & Implement National PPC campaigns – 24-32 hours
Create & Implement Global PPC campaigns – 32-40 hours

Monthly PPC tune-up – 6-12 hours


What’s included with PPC Marketing:

Initial setup

  • Website review
  • Review any current PPC accounts you have and history (if applicable)
  • Call to set expectations and goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of your personalized PPC strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Negative keyword research
  • Design and build your campaigns in both search and content network for Google Adwords & Bing/Yahoo
  • Conversion code tracking set up
  • Unique search targeting setup to ensure you are not wasting money
  • Ad group creation and appropriate keyword matching options
  • Effective ad copy
  • Budgeting
  • Geographical targeting (if applicable) and ad timing (what day/times to run ads)

Monthly Ongoing account management (tune-up’s)

  • Analyze results
  • Bid optimization and position monitoring
  • Ad copy analysis and testing
  • Monitor conversions
  • Monitor ad spend and budget
  • Expand campaigns by adding new keywords
  • Trademark infringement protection
  • Click monitoring for fraudulent clicks and other type activities

Account structure – we do our work within your PPC account. This means you need to set up a Google Adwords account and a Bing account and use your credit card to pay for the clicks. The work we perform is to set everything up within your accounts. You will set up your Adwords & Bing accounts then give us access to that account. All the work that we perform, and any accounts themselves, will always stay with you and your business. These are your assets. We do not flow any of your PPC budget through our company Surfside marketing Inc

What you need to do:

  • Sign up for Google Adwords and Bing Ads
  • Give me access to your Google Adwords & Bing Ads account through my client center accounts (I will send you directions on what to do)
  • Have a monthly budget for advertising
  • (Optional) Have a website – Google has “call-only” campaigns which can send traffic directly to your smartphone
  • (Optional) Download & install desktop tools to help you manage the PPC campaigns. (Adwords Editor & Bing Ads Editor)

By working with us you agree to the current terms of service of Google Adwords & Bing

Note: I do not provide PPC services to the following types of sites: gambling sites, adult sites and make money at home.